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    22/07/2020 Comments(0)

    Virtual Conferencing tips

    With the recent move for many to working from home, there are a lot of questions around virtual conferencing platforms: The first thing to remember is this: If you are going to download a virtual conferencing application, be certa

    25/10/2016 Comments(0)

    Restore SQL Server 2005 Suspect Database

    If you find your database in Suspect mode, then please keep your nerve strong. Just proceed step by step what I am written below. I think you will get out of this trouble. SQL Server 2005 introduced a new DB Status called E

    25/10/2016 Comments(0)

    Creating Good Passwords

    Most users don’t have good passwords because they don’t understand how to create them. This guide Help your users create strong passwords and your network will be more secure avoiding problems instead of recovering fro

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    Setting up virtualization

    This is my real experience, as I went down the road of moving all of my servers to a virtual environment. If you want to spend no money and want to accomplish virtualization using free software across the board, even to backup and

    25/10/2016 Comments(0)

    Default Router passwords

    I found a great site in the Default Router Password Database that contains just about all of the default usernames and passwords for every type of router out there.  This should get you out of a jam if you ever reset your passw

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    Import External Contacts in Office 365

    CSV File Template Name FirstName LastName StreetAddress City StateorProvince PostalCode Phone MobilePhone Pager HomePhone Company Title Department CountryOrRegion Fax Initials Notes Office Connect Windows PowerShell on

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    Map Network Drives on MAC

    Map a network drive to Mac OS X : This method maps a network drive that will disappear if the network connection drops or if you reboot your Mac: From the Mac OS X Finder, hit Command+K to bring up the ‘Connect to Server’ wind